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Archive for September, 2007

Fried Chicken

Twelve piece mixed bucket only $9.99

Al’ar down!

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Our Inner Demons

Guidance counselor Leo helped us all face our inner demons and learn more about being great people. It was a unicorn and rainbow time with the inner tranquility that was given to us. Then we killed him.

Leo down!

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Trust us, it’s Doomwalker

It might be hard to see from the picture since right when we killed Doomwalker the black temple event started right on top of us, but we shut down anouther kill bot on the first try

.Doomwalker down!

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So Tidewalker goes into a bar…

… and the bar tender goes, what’s with the wheel on your belt?

Tidewalker replies: “Yarr, It be drivin’ me nuts!”

Tidewalker down!

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