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The Death of Deathwing

Technically a one-shot!

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Heroic Baleroc Dead

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Heroic Beth’tilac Dead

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Heroic Alysrazor Dead

Time Warp!

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Happy Phloxi is a Domo Killer


Congrats Phloxi on getting Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest!

Also, Heroic Shannox, Rhyolith, and MajorDomo have been defeated

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I love the smell of Ragnaros in the morning

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Progress Update

After a fashionably-late spring-break, Dissonance has spun back up to tackle new Firelands content. Three new normal mode bosses were killed this week: Beth’tilac, Rhyolith, and Alysrazor!

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Deadly Double Dragons Deftly Destroyed

Heroic Twin Dragons Defeated!

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Bearly Holding Back 2.0

Our bears are world famous:


Bears and more Bears

Thanks Nai! (and to an uncredited Trundle and Viscatu)

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Heroic Maloriak Debeakered


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